Location Audio Recording


  • Location recording for HD and 4K video and music production.

    • 48K and 96K 24bit digital hard disc recording
      with SMPTE timecode 24fps, 29.97fps, 30fps
    • 24 channels of line input
    • 16 channels of mic input
    • Digital output via TOSLink, AES/EBU or Lightpipe
    • Multi Matrix Output Bussing - Analog and Digital
    • Lavs - Tram, Sennheiser
    • Shotguns - Sennheiser ME 80, MKH 70, AT 4301a, EV
    • VO Mics - AKG 414CS
    • Sennheiser Wireless

  • Digital audio post production, mixing and editing.
    • Working with SDII, WAV and AIFF files
    • Lock to Picture audio post
    • Final Cut Pro™ and Premiere Pro friendly output

Working in the digital domain I offer the cleanest possible sound for the most demanding
audience or project.